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SimFish, Compact and impressive

Well known for the realism of our fishing simulators, SCATRI develops a new model of simulator mainly aimed to fishing equipment retailers willing to offer their customers an efficient, versatile and easy-to-use tool to test either theirs rods, reels, lines or harness. With this real selling tool, you can set up local marketing operation with well-known brands as a contest within your customers for example.

SIMFISH is a compact version of POCKET: as reliable you will be thrilled by the extreme realism of your perception thanks to the engine versatility. We also worked on SIMFISH volume and weight: therefore it can fit in every location you may want to use it.

Several species are available from trout to tuna and you can choose either freshwater or saltwater fishes or a mix of them.

SIMFISH comes with a mat, laptop and simulator. The angler stands on the mat and selects fish and start the fight with the buttons directly on the mat. The mat acts as a security that means that if the angler is pull out of the mat, the fight is stopped.