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IMER, fishing whatever, wherever, whenever I want

It gathers the whole crew on a unique platform exactly like on a boat. IMER adds even more realism because of its broad mobility both in simulating the movements of the fish and of the boat which can pivot on a 360° axis.

After several minutes of fight, the whole crew forgets the simulator ans mastering the game fish is the only thing that remains in their minds. The embedded hi-tech allowed to adapt parameters as boat size, state of the sea, weight and liveness of the fish...

With the self-learning mode, you can create and modifiy your owns programs. No more endless discussions about the efficiency of fishing rods, your last high-speed reel or whether your draf offers full spectrum of available tension...this is the end of your doubts concerning your tackle equipment.

Our sport fishing simulators allow full checking of your fishing equipment throughout the year.