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From passion to simulation

SCATRI promoter has a passion for angling that he is practising with eclectism and accuracy from trout to pike or even the catfish in the Rhône close by. But he practises also sea angling and big game fishing with tuna and shark. With a keen interest on fishing competition, he promotes the "catch and release" policy to protect the fish stocks.

Once, he decided to go fishing with his young daughter for the first time: they fighted a shark. Excited by this thrilling day, she asked her father to find a way to train her during winter for the next season....IMER was born, the first simulator for a complete big game fishing crew. Many fishermen praised him for the realism and accuracy of the perception: boosted by this first success, he adapted his know-how to stand-up fishing for both sea and freshwater anglers.

He is directing submarine videos himself with a professional diver. He edits and synchronises the pictures with the simulators to provide an efficient and entertaining professional tool .